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One way to keep up to date with your favorite independent baseball team is to join the team’s (or league’s) e-mail newsletter.  Listed below you will find links to the newsletter sign-up forms for the respective team/league.

Note that these listings are posted as a service to you, but they do NOT guarantee that your e-mail address will be protected and/or that the team (or league) has anti-spam policies.  Nor can gurantee that a team will honor your opt-out/unsubscribe request should you wish to no longer receive e-mails.  The Federal Trade Commission’s anti-spam rules can be found here.

Nonetheless, joining a team’s e-mail newsletter is a terrific way to keep up to date with information you can’t find on the team’s website; and they are useful in helping you stay up-to-date during the off-season.

Here is your starting point to join the e-mail newsletters:








  • Alpine Cowboys
  • Las Vegas Train Robbers
  • Raton Osos
  • Roswell Invaders
  • Santa Fe Fuego
  • Taos Blizzard
  • Trinidad Triggers
  • White Sands Pupfish




Editors Note:  If you sign up with a team’s e-mail newsletter then make sure that you add the team’s e-mail address to your e-mail server.  Otherwise you risk having the team’s e-mails go into your Spam/Bulk folder.

Should you like using RSS feeds to keep up to date with your favorite team then go to the independent baseball league’s (or team’s) News page.  Some of the websites, depending on the web host services they use, may offer you RSS feed capability on those pages.

Finally, if you want to stop receiving e-mails from a particular team or league be sure to follow their instructions.  In order to give yourself more assurance that your e-mail address will be removed, you always can mail a letter to the team (or league) offices.


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