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  1. Nice video but , (This website will offer you direct links to items of interest for every independent baseball team and league across the continent. In addition, you will discover throughout the site useful content that is applicable to your situation whether you are a). this is appreciatable. The direct links you have provided is a good thing to visit easily for everyone.

  2. Why is there still no spot on the left for the Pecos League? Though still in a high state of flux, there is enough solidity there to warrant the belief that this league will take off. Give it its due, because it is making news.

    Now what’s this about a Permian League seeking to overlap the two or three other leagues already existing in the southwest? Is this an indy league, or something else, like a summer college or semipro league?

    • I still have to get information about the Permian Basin League. It also has to be confirmed by the other media/parties as a legitimate summer professional league. If it does, then they will get the same promotion on this site as I give the other leagues/teams.

      As for the Pecos, I talked with their Commissioner/President the other day. He knows that I am waiting for the rest of the “shake out” from the other leagues (name changes, which teams are coming back, will the NAL be under their own label or will the previous leagues still exist as “divisions”, etc.). Once everything is set then I will invest the hours to update everything for the 2011 season. Yes, the Pecos League teams are scheduled to appear; and I will do everything one night when the landscape for 2011 is finalized.


  3. Indy ball in Indy, 2011! Sure we’ve got our Indians minor league team, but we want some Indy stuff up in this joint. I’m sure we could get angie’s list or some other large local company to support it! We could even name the team after them! Bring on the national pasttime.
    Carl W.

  4. I know this is a dumb question, but I have to ask anyway. With the Pecos League being a lower level independent, and also in its first season, what kind of salary do the players get?

  5. Indy ball if not ALL of minor league baseball is missing a great market in Dover DE. And it’s far enough away from the Wilmington Blue Rocks and Delmarva Shorebirds to be supported by its own fan base. And the state is tax free! Although I don’t know how that really translates.

    What I do see is a steady stream of Air Force personnel coming out to games from Dover AFB, and two good size local colleges that supply plenty of kids with a great date night or two!! Wake UP!!

  6. Just looking over the schedules of Maui, San Raphael, and the Freedom League that starts play tomorrow. They do not appear to be in synch very well where teams from each league meet each other. One hopes that this has been spotted and resolved. Nothing worse than showing up for a game and your opponent doesn’t show, or YOU had the wrong date and time on your schedule. Quite naturally the web sites could be wrong!

    Very strange, and could make for a long year for both leagues.

  7. Yet another unbalanced and unfair schedule already being posted by that…Adam Dunn for the 2014 Pecos League. This should roll this entity back into the realm of illegitamacy as an independent league. But I guess this site covers it all, from excellent to putrid.

    Las Vegas who won their division late in the season are only being given 25 home games out of 70. And Alpine, the most southern franchise, is being made to drive north FOUR times, when only two trips are needed. And that’s just the tips of this poor schedule that favors Dunn’s teams.

    The leaders of these teams must be dead weight to see clearly how bad their own schedules are, let alone how poorly it effects their competitors.

  8. This web site is full of crap now. The news we are really interested has been shoved to the side, and readers are made to scroll down numerous times in order to find out anything new going on. Apparently not much really.

    Why are all these comments from day one of this site still in plain sight?! Develop an archive if you must keep them at all. Otherwise ditch them all at regularly timed intervals. THEY ARE ANCIENT HISTORY!

    Obviously it is going to be easier to just go to the individual league and team sites ourselves, to avoid all the needless trappings of this one now.

    • Thank you for your comments. The site is still undergoing changes. Regarding your thoughts about the news people care about, you are welcome to PM me. The concept behind this site is to one day, ultimately, offer a combination of aggregating everything related to the independent leagues in one place (scores, stats, trades, news, etc.) PLUS have unique & exclusive content or at least offer commentary on other low-publicized content such as a team’s new YouTube videos or funny Instagram photos.

      Regarding the ads, since the site is free and not funded by any team or league then the site must derive some sort of revenue to stay afloat. Please remember that even team websites have ads on there, so the “needless trappings” is a necessary function for now until the site becomes self-funded without the ads. Additionally, some of the ads on this site are hyper-relevant to independent baseball fans & insiders including:

      * Available team items on Amazon (no team/league mentions its inventory available on Amazon)
      * Old items available via eBay (few teams/leagues mention their old inventory on eBay)
      * Independent baseball books available on Amazon
      * Where to purchase non-official merchandise of folded independent baseball teams such as t-shirts, caps, and other non-logo apparel
      * Where players can notified about tryouts + get helpful how-to information about making (and staying on) independent baseball teams
      * Where fans can go to find sports jobs anywhere from the U.S.

      As for old comments they may be archived, but with the need for increased search engine traffic having older comments (even your older ones) being live can at least show the engines that there is activity on the site.

      As for more recent news, we are working on a way to combine all of the latest team-specific news (news/press release area, local newspaper updates, Twitter/Facebook, Instagram/Pinterest, YouTube and other news) into a combined widget. That way all fans can click on the team of their choice and then get all of the updates in one place instead of having to jump around from site to site. This has proven to be more daunting with teams switching their website infrastructures in recent months, as the RSS feeds and other updating notifications have been getting garbled.

      We have been toying with adding an “auto-blog” where the news you see on the sidebar is pumped automatically through the main blog posts now appearing on the home page. This can open up some concerns, but it is something we are considering. For now, the news on the sidebar at least organizes the most recent information at a glance; and we are keeping the main blog posts now for our self-produced blog posts & upcoming exclusive content.

      Managing a site like this is not an easy task, but is has been providing fans with at least some sort of value since the end of the 2009 season. Hopefully by the 5th anniversary will help us finally turn the corner and become a valuable resource beyond just being an “aggregator” site. It has to make financial sense, so once that is dialed in with all of the available paths we then can step on the gas and go down the path which benefits the most amount of people.

      The independent baseball leagues have some of the funniest, wildest, and craziest stories which exist in professional team sports. It will take some time, but we look forward to start to offer fans that type of content which keeps people laughing, intrigued and touches them emotionally. Due to logistics, this likely will be done via podcasts or e-mail Q&A, so we are working on ways to deliver the content effectively and in a way which can benefit many people.

      The original intent of the independent leagues was to offer a product different than what MiLB or MLB is offering. Keeping with that mindset, over time we intend to offer things which MiLB, MLB, summer collegiate leagues and international teams are NOT offering. Our long-term aspirations include content which can benefit lots of fans anywhere in the world including:

      * Lots of “how to” advice specific to baseball such as “how to throw a slider” videos from independent baseball pitching coaches
      * Tips for parents of youth baseball/softball players such as how to choose the right glove, etc.
      * Snippets of tips from existing content on how to make an independent baseball team
      * Help for alumni (players and employees) of independent leagues/teams, including things not offered yet by the other pro baseball alumni organizations
      * Ways for fans to get involved
      * Helping the teams & leagues with new revenue streams that allow them to make money nationally, year-round and online. This opens up new channels beyond the “local, physical world, and seasonal” approach which has limited the teams from having extra cash to survive lean times
      * Offering tips & information for aspiring interns and employees of independent pro baseball teams
      * Much more

      As always, thank you for your consistent thoughts and comments. As the site improves you are welcome to PM me and discuss the site’s path. Independent baseball needs more loyal fans like you who are passionate about the product instead of being just casual fans who go to local games because it is the best available entertainment option that night.

      Thank you again for your consistent contributions and I look forward to discussing the upcoming changes with you offline.


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