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Many independent baseball teams need interns at various points throughout the year, especially during the weeks prior to the start of the season and during home games.  Internships, paid or unpaid, or not standardized in independent baseball; and they are made available on a team-by-team (and league-by-league) basis.

Interns may be required to do any of the following:

  • Take care of statistics
  • Do on-field promotions
  • Do phone sales for group/season tickets during the day
  • Go with players to community events
  • Travel with the team when on the road
  • Help put up/take down signage
  • Game recaps for the website
  • Dozens of other duties too numerous to list here!

If you are a college student and looking for your start in the professional sports industry then an internship with an independent baseball team will give you lots of experience quickly!  It will also show you that professional sports is more of a business than a sport or a game.

In previous years, many internships were handled through the PBEO; but in recent years you must contact the teams directly or through third-party websites on which they have posted information.  Be sure to follow their recommendations for applying for internships.

In order to make your life easier, has listed the pages on the various independent baseball league and team websites for internship opportunities.  Note that these pages, and the content on them, are subject to change; and the pages (and content on them) are the property of the respective leagues and teams.  No promises or guarantees of your securing an internship are made.

1st Step:  Take action today and join the database which keeps your name fresh and in front of 40+ independent professional baseball executives.  There even is an option to join for no charge, via a 3rd-party trial offer.  Find out more here:  Independent Minor League Professional Baseball Internship Database

2nd Step:  Visit the Independent Baseball Jobs page as internship opportunities oftentimes appear on the same page as employment opportunities for a given team/league.


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Get notified of upcoming independent baseball tryouts from either of these services: first service or the second service. Prospective players can find some helpful resources here

We will be providing a growing list of possibly helpful tips and suggestions on various baseball information. This will range from "how to" information about baseball skills all the way to helpful information for casual baseball fans. Please click the link for more information: Tips And How To Information

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