Women In Independent Professional Baseball Since 1993

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Yesterday, news came out that the Sonoma Stompers (Pacific Association) signed two female players to be on the team, Kelsie Whitmore and Stacy Piagno:


The two players played last night and marked the first time in professional baseball that two women were on the field at the same time.  Here is the recap from the Stompers’ website, including quotes from the players and coaching staff:


Here are news video articles about the signings:


Here is the box score from last night’s game, with Piagno starting the game and earning the loss, going 2 innings and giving up 4 runs (2 earned):


JJ Cooper, a longtime writer for Baseball America and covering the independent leagues, has written two “Independent Audit” columns for Baseball America this year about women in pro baseball — in particular independent baseball:


With their appearances last night, here is the updated list of women who have been in uniform as a player (regular season or spring training), coach or manager in the independent professional minor league baseball industry since the 1993 inception of independent baseball.  It will appear in chronological order of appearance; but this list does not include any women who have been trainers, general managers, team executives, owners, or league officials in the independent leagues — only those who have been in uniform in some capacity.


Women In Independent Professional Minor League Baseball Since 1993


Additionally, here is another resource about women in baseball from USAbaseball.com (click here).


Since IndependentBaseball.net wants this post to be the definitive resource about women who have played, coached, managed or umpired in the independent professional baseball leagues then please let us know about any missing names from this list.  If any are missing then please include authoritative evidence (e.g. newspaper articles, team press releases or game recaps, or video footage).  If we include the missing names then you are welcome to receive credit for your contributing to this list.   Thank you for helping us improve the accuracy of this list.


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