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  1. hy my bro go to usa in specific waterburry connecticut waht teams are in the zone please contact me .he played in puerto rico Double AA and Class is pitcher thanks pleas anwer the most quickly thanks

    • The city of Waterbury CT no longer has an independent minor league team (the last one was the Waterbury Spirit from 1997-2000). Your best bet is to look for tryouts for the Can-Am League and to contact the team. It appears that the Brockton Rox (Brockton, MA) will have a tryout in May so you can contact them for date/time/location information.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Can you give me more info on what is going on with bringing a team to San Rafael, CA? I missed the first couple meetings but would like to go to them in support of bringing the independent team to our city. I am a sports massage therapist and have worked with many MLB players over the years as baseball is my favorite sport. I would really like to make it to the next meeting to give my support. Do you happen to have info of when that would be? I tried to look on the San Rafael parks and rec. site but I only came across passed info nothing on when it will be continued.
    Thank you for whatever help you can give!

    • Jessica,

      The Atlantic League has announced a team for 2012 in Sugar Land called the Skeeters. The Continental League had a team from 2007-2009 playing in Texas City (starting in League City in 2007) called the Bay Area Toros. A proposed team for Montgomery County in 2012 does not appear to be happening, but that still could change as budgets and investor groups can reappear at any time. Hope this helps.

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