More Ugliness On The Lake County Situation

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Evidently, more ugliness has happened with the former manager, hitting coach, and some of the players from the Lake County Fielders situation.    Here are two links of interest:

While this situation focuses mostly on the coaching staff and player talent, which many front offices tend to look at simply as a commodity skill, the way the situation is going will affect the sponsorships AND the efforts of the other teams in the league.  Whenever negative publicity like this happens, good efforts by the other teams’ front offices and players can get overlooked.

If you have some positive stories about the current players in Lake County, Yuma, or the other NAL teams then leave a link in the comments section of this blog post. is commending the unrecognized positive efforts of those people and we will give them publicity once their efforts are confirmed.

The reason why is that came out of experience with the Continental Baseball League, a league which was marred from its inception with negative publicity.  Good efforts by players and staff often were overlooked by the local press, fan forums, and even the baseball online media itself.  Therefore, please contribute quality human interest stories which showcase the good efforts of those in the NAL as well as the other leagues.

Thank you.


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