Cooperation Between Independent Minor Leagues

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It is great to see that two independent minor leagues have decided to work together and do joint efforts:

While the logistics remain to be determined, this is a good sign for the independent baseball industry.  Back in October, the Independent Baseball Fall Meetings were held in Joliet, IL.  One of the topics discussed by Pat Salvi, owner of the Gary-Southshore RailCats, was the need for increased cooperation between the 8 independent leagues.

Since the 8 leagues are not only independent from “affiliated” Minor League Baseball, but also independent of each other, potential sponsors of significant size most likely see fragmentation in the independent baseball industry.  This is despite an 8+ million announced attendance for independent baseball games during the 2009 season.

Unlike Major League Baseball, there is no “official sponsor” of anything across all 8 leagues.  Hopefully cooperation between teams and leagues, as time goes on, can work so that the size of the “pie” increases for everybody and raises the standards for all of the owners, front office staff, managers, and players. believes that the independent professional baseball industry has offered a tremendous amount for its fans over the last few years.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Celebrities (as owners) participating in on-field games between innings
  • Funny promotions, including Tucson’s unique way to draw a crowd for an exhibition game this season
  • Post-game lessons for kids remaining in the stands after games by players in uniform
  • Terrific human interest stories, including the intern who became a player

Unfortunately, with a lack of standardization between the leagues these stories do not necessarily reach the average baseball fan.  This site aims to help baseball fans around North America learn more about the industry and give you the unique stories and news which makes this niche of professional baseball so unique.

Should you see a unique story, video clip, or news article about the independent baseball industry then please send it to us so that we can confirm everything.  If it meets our standards, especially if it benefits the industry as a whole, then we will publish it giving you credit if you wish.


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