Trinidad Triggers To Move Stadiums To Raton NM

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The Pecos League announced today that changes in the local political structure in Trinidad Colorado have forced the team to move stadiums.  The Triggers are intended to remain as the same team name with the same logo and uniforms; but they are scheduled to play across the Colorado border in Raton, New Mexico.

The Pecos League is able to operate on a lower budget than most independent teams because it leases city parks for the summer in New Mexico and Colorado.  Andrew Dunn, Pecos League commissioner, was quoted in the article and he goes over the situation including how changes in the local political scene and political pressure from the local junior college over who has the rights to the field during the summer.  Apparently, the city of Trinidad has had major turmoil in recent months within its own city management; and the impact to the Pecos League appears to be isolated to just the city of Trinidad.

At this time, here is the breakdown of teams which will be in the Pecos League in 2013:

North Division

  • Las Vegas (New Mexico) Train Robbers – new team
  • Santa Fe Fuego
  • Taos Blizzard – new team
  • Trinidad Triggers – now playing in Raton, New Mexcio

South Division

  • Alpine Cowboys
  • Las Cruces Vaqueros
  • Pecos Bills – new
  • White Sands Pupfish

UFO Division

  • Roswell Invaders (play in both divisions)

Assuming that all of the new teams are secure in terms of stadium leases, entity structures and operating procedures there will be 9 teams in the Pecos League.  Should a tenth team be added, such as a travel team, then it will be reported on this site.  There is precedent for a 9-team league before when the Golden League operated a season with an odd number of teams for a season after the first attempt to bring Tijuana into the GBL did not work.


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  1. where do you come off assuming there will not be a 10th team in the Pecos?? NOTHING that I read in that article leads to that conclusion!

    This is ludicrous on your part to assume that, ESPECIALLY when the Pecos already has a history of using a travel team, the Carlsbad Bats, in the past. Do NOT be surprised in they do not resurface again. If they can do it with only five semi solid franchises, they can do it with nine.

    No way you can have young ballplayers wandering the streets for 3 to 4 days at a time…you HAVE to keep them busy playing. THAT’S what they are there for, and a travel team does that better than any, because they are constantly on the move…no player homes needed!

    I think Dunn will smartly concoct a travel team to add into the north division where the travel will be less extensive, because it makes more sense for Roswell to still be a part of the southern division. If he did not flat our drop the Triggers and/or the Blizzard, then I know he has some other contingency up his sleeve. And he has time to make it happen, regardless of his own stated deadlines. He’s pulled it off before.

    What is really appalling is that the Atlantic League AGAIN refuses to expand, while dropping hints all over the place that this time they would! Do they really want an additional minor league over two new franchises that will put 60 more GOOD players on the field? What a ridiculous idea. Where’s that SECOND great Texas team. LIARS!!

    • Thank you for your comment. The mention of no 10th team (as of yet) is based on conversations with Andrew. He knows the likely need for all pieces of the puzzle to take shape, but it has to make economic sense. There are ways to monetize a travel team, and not just in terms of lowering costs for the other teams he owns; but with a limited staff there may not be enough time/manpower to do so. Should he finalize Las Vegas (NM) and Pecos (TX) and get the infrastructure in place to have the travel team generate actual revenues then we likely will see a 10th team. At the time of yesterday’s post, however, no plans were in place for a 10th team (travel or otherwise).

      Hope this helps to clarify.

  2. If you look at the present schedule (which still is not in stone yet), Roswell is in the picture and Pecos is not. Roswell would have much longer trips to the northern division, but the roads are better and more direct. AND Dunn settled the problems with the stadium and motels already that were a problem at the end of the 2012. They’re ready!!

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