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With the growing popularity of image-based social media (Flickr, Photobucket, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.), the St. Paul Saints have created their own page on

Feel free to leave your thoughts on these types of image-based social media sites and how they can be used by the team to:

  • increase local ticket sales
  • increase local sponsorship sales
  • increase the reach of the brand outside of the traditional 20-mile radius which is the comfort zone for most teams
  • improve overall profitability has its own thoughts on these types of social media sites and will contribute to the conversation as well.  Here is one for starters:

  • Have an intern go around the stadium during the game and ask fans if they want to have their picture taken for the team’s social media.  If given permission then watermark each photo, near the top or bottom, with a call-to-action (usually the team’s ticket number) and the team’s website (URL).  As the images get tagged, “pinned”, “liked”, “re-tweeted”, or otherwise shared the team has a call-to-action on every image which is the property of the team.  Photos being shared can help spread the reach of the team’s brand to those outside of the local area and, hopefully, increase ticket sales… maybe even on slow nights!

You are welcome to leave constructive thoughts on the topic of monetizing social media at the minor league level.  Thank you.


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