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Much has been coming out on the baseball business websites regarding the new Pecos League, which plans to replace the recently-folded Continental Baseball League.  As with many start-up independent leagues, there is always uncertainty about which cities, ultimately, will field teams as well as the final members of the ownership groups.

Here are some of the stories and articles in recent days:

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Andrew Dunn, commissioner of the new league, has confirmed that no previous executives of the CBL will have any involvement with the new league.  Many in the industry, as well as fans, have had negative things to say about the CBL; but there is one telling statistic which may help reduce the animosity which any fan, player, or industry insider may have about the Pecos League replacing the CBL’s spot at the bottom rung of the independent professional ranks: wants to thank Ted Turocy, who works with the Society of American Baseball Researchers (SABR), for sending documentation about the players who played in the CBL from 2007 through 2010.  According to his research, at least 90 players played in the CBL and also played in another pro league in some year after they played in the CBL, although this does not necessarily mean the next year afterward.  His research also confirms that 133 players in the CBL played in another professional league during the same year they had CBL experience, either directly before or afterward.

Should the Pecos League’s talent be of a comparable (or better) level, and if the Pecos League can create some form of economic business model which is good enough to justify successful team operations, then fans should have a good reason to go see the talent on the field.   Of course the talent, on its own, will not be enough to get sufficient numbers of fans in the stands.  Hopefully the Pecos League leverages its position at the far end of the pro baseball spectrum to gain the “underdog” emotional appeal for its players… and ultimately gain enough interest locally (with good entertainment for its fans) in order to carve itself a niche in the pro baseball landscape.  In addition, we hope that they capitalize on the missing elements in independent pro baseball such as letting players develop their personalities, somehow incorporating fans into the action, leveraging social media properly, monetizing intellectual property, and giving the local and league sponsors a terrific ROI for their investment with the teams.
Feel free to chime in on this subject, and more will be added to this site as the Pecos League formalizes its schedule, teams, etc.


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