Pecos League Discusses Each Team’s 2013

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One of the unique elements of the Pecos League is that it sometimes is surprisingly candid about its own teams and operations.  One such article came out this week about the operations of its 2013 teams and other elements like the stadium conditions, relations with newspapers, etc.

Unlike other leagues which never share this information, or somehow always attempt to put a positive spin on their weaker markets, Andrew discusses some of the business side of his league even if it is not 100% pretty:


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  1. They’re so idiotic. Why would you trash your own teams on your own web site? What good does that do you?

  2. First of all, your link does not seem to work.

    Secondly, if I read the article on that web site that you are referring to, I wouldn’t call Dunn all that forthcoming with pertinent information…such as the attendance at every game, let alone for the season.

    He did not use Pointsteak like every other open information league did! So therefore even the stats he posted could be slanted, because he did not allow any independent observers to help him run the show…to my knowledge. The daily articles after he dumped the great girl who was writing for him, all sound like his Texas lack of education style, misspellings and failure to proofread. There are no links to attendance which is a major factor to be tracked by ALL leagues.

    So if leaves me to question why you are coddling him. You also have not updated us on any Pecos alumni who were promoted, or who went on to have success in spite of being dumped by the Pecos. That would be a real piece of journalism…but I know this is just a hobby of yours. You should point out how the schedule he devised favored the teams he owned, or that capitulated to it, like Alpine did.

  3. Yeah, there’s a lot of wind blowing through that guy’s attic.
    and he does not possess a very good bedside manner either. He’s not one to be patient and longsuffering with anything new.
    Typical ugly American. He would not make a good farmer or rancher.

    But I wish good luck to all the franchises and players who have to go through him to hopefully succeed further along in their baseball careers.

    However, his idea to cut off the end of the season so that some players might get promoted quicker did not pan out well this year…only two got picked up, and one of them only to another league trying to survive. Who ends the season in July except Mexico and Little League? I think he lost a lot of revenue by not continuing at least two more weeks, which would have promoted a much more balanced league schedule.

    Taos has to get their act together and decide NOW if they want to really by a full time franchise or not. Adding lights is child’s play today!!

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