John Isom To Manage The Lake Erie Crushers

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A local report out of Avon, Ohio indicates that veteran Frontier League player and manager Jeff Isom will be managing the Lake Erie Crushers for the 2013 season.  His last managerial stint in the Frontier League was with the Traverse City Beach Bums in 2006.



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  1. Well, according to this article two things are crystal clear. First that it is continuing to be a HORRIBLE practice to report things in the press from sources that do NOT have the authority or the guts to name themselves. This is Yellow Journalism at its finest, and the “sources” are clearly paid to be cowards. I pray every day that these kinds of clowns will some day ALL have it backfire in their faces!

    Secondly, we can see that “cronyism” is still quite alive and well on the American job scene. Not only was I let go from the last two positions I was doing well in, so that close friends or hotties of my CFOs could be hired, but also those in baseball of any level who have “friends” in “need” of a job are granted one at the expense of good employees! There was obviously NO need to fire Masserelli based on his excellent success with the Crushers. He is obviously being replaced with Isom by Helm, NOT because of past successes together, but because there is probably an ongoing illicit, immoral, or unethical relationship being fostered between them and by them. I urge this to be disproved, because I prefer to be a fan of indy ball.

    Welcome to “freedom” as we have come to misuse it in the USA. I hope the Crushers have a great increase in “crushing” losses ahead.

    Now why is their such secrecy surrounding the apparent departure of Las Cruces, a solid charter member of the Pecos League, for a return of the always poor Carlsbad Bats? Did Dunn wear out his welcome? I presume more dirt is being swept under the rugs of indy ball again.

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