Freedom Pro Baseball League Announces Return For 2013

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The Freedom Pro Baseball League announced in recent days that it plans to return for the 2013 season.  The upstart league was not considered officially an “independent professional baseball league” by a high number of baseball insiders, as detailed in other posts on this site plus other conversations, emphasized by the fact that the league cancelled its post-season and cut a significant amount of staff by the end of the regular season.  Nonetheless the league announced that it will return for 2013:

If the Freedom Pro Baseball League wishes to have more financial success then it will have to spend a good amount more time promoting their games, making the games more entertaining for the fans, and developing new revenue streams.  Any newer independent league, like the announced AWBL or Freedom League, should focus on not only the quality of the play on the field but also differentiating itself from other entertainment options in the local marketplace.  It also can leverage happenings where no independent or affiliated minor league teams are currently making a dime, but where the opportunity to monetize the happenings is wide open and inexpensive (or even free) to do.  All teams and leagues are welcome to read the content on these two links as a starting point for ideas and then contact for several more strategies to put money in their pockets:


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