Economics Of New St. Paul Saints Stadium Deal

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The local newspaper in St. Paul Minnesota went into detail about the terms of the lease and other agreements between the city of St. Paul and the Saints team.  The article discusses revenue sharing percentages with the city as well as the likely bond repayment terms.

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  1. The imbalance of the midwest indy leagues demonstrate loudly how selfish each is about ignoring an obvious solution. The FL carrying again a travel team should be willing to negotiate some kind of beneficial move that would help both it and the American Association, should the latter and the CanAm FAIL to add one more franchise to each league.

    The FL could drop the travel team and its inordinate expenses, and give one of its franchises the rights to join the AA, making it a more balanced 14 team league. The geographical overlap of these leagues should make this an easy possibility, with proceeds from the voluntary team going 50-50 to both leagues. Or the reverse could be true as well, of one AA franchise joining the Frontier. The philosophies and age/pay restrictions CANNOT be that far apart, Miles and Bill! Both leagues seem to be on about the same level.

    So let’s drop the selfish stubbornness, boys, and come up with a more sensible solution to each league’s dilemmas, better than Major League Baseball seems to know how to do! How hard is it to add two more cities to the MLB lineup, weaker though they may be. A couple of triple A franchises already put that notion to rest! And we can always run down the ladder to replace something in the affiliates.

    Baseball seems to be the only sports business thriving in these poor economic times, and that needs to be embellished to the max NOW!

  2. P.S. Another great idea would be for the CanAm to get ready to bring in the Vermont Lake Monsters, where the Blue Jays are going to leave that AA town for another location soon. Is that not right?

    Hoping for Ottawa in 2015 is great, but maybe an 8 team league can be pulled together. See if Brockton wants to rejoin, or lure Bridgeport away! While the latter’s attendance went up better this year, they still are not on the same level as the rest of the Atlantic League. Yet they could easily replace Newark, who probably should join Bolton’s AL2.

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