Atlantic League News

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Here are some pieces of news coming out of the Atlantic League:

The teams announced the 2014 schedule.  There is no mention of the Loudoun Hounds, so it appears that the team will be playing in 2015 once the stadium construction delays are overcome:

Bob Wirz recapped the 2013 Atlantic League championship series:

Pictures fro the Long Island Ducks trophy ceremony are here:


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  1. Again it is very disheartening that the Atlantic League again refuses to expand, and more so this time because of all the hints they kept dropping about Loundon possible being ready for ’14, and the strong possibility of at least one more Texas franchise coming aboard to keep company with Sugarland.

    The AL has become a master in deception! Frankly I am sick of it. They don’t get it that it is the FANS that want to see more high class talent, instead of whether they can afford to make a go of things. They are now clearly all just about their bottom line, which has to be very hefty indeed! The higher ticket prices this year did NOT match the quality of the venues involved, and I better not hear that any of MY ticket money is going to support Bolton’s second minor league!

    Maybe it’s time for fans to swing their support to the college leagues.

    I’ll bet a study would show that more of those players end up in the majors, i.e. Evan Longoria from the Cape Cod League, then players who make it from a higher independent league. The AL has to realize that size DOES matter when it comes to teams in a league, and that they are getting beat like a drum by the AA and Frontier.

  2. Only 5 of the 8 teams have released their schedules? It hasn’t even been posted on the league web site yet. What’s the problem, man?

  3. Okay, I think I’ll now go on record as to NOT likely the AL schedule either. While the same number of games are eventually played amongst the teams by the end of the year, it actually makes each half totally unbalanced…hense allowing for some teams to flounder while others flourish.

    The AL should DO AWAY with the halves, and just play a balanced full season schedule to arrive at division winners and wild card participants. This is done and done well already by the Frontier League. I understand the “need” to have something to play for the last quarter of the season. But approaching that in an unbalanced and potentially unfair way is not all that acceptable. Granted the common fan who doesn’t keep track of this, and just goes to games for entertainment period won’t get this. But a lot of us believe in fairness of design up front….unlike the Pecos and other leagues who blatantly design their schedules first thing unfairly and unbalanced.

    The AL is suppose to be the leader in these things. Not so here.

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