Possible Alliance Of Independent Leagues

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There has been a lot of talk in the last 3-4 days about a possible alliance, or even a newly-formed league, which will include the remaining teams from the Northern League, United League, and Golden League:

No confirmation from any commissioner or league office is yet official, but word is going around that an announcement will be made shortly perhaps this week.

The deal could have a challenge, however, with the financial situation in Joliet:

Once anything is confirmed by the leagues then it will be posted on this site.  Should a new league be formed, with the previous league names operating under a new name then all changes will be reflected on the team, tickets, rosters, and other pages on this site.


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  1. So where are the San Angelo Colts in all of this? They have a good team, a nice stadium, and decent attendance. Talking to AA perhaps? It would make sense to add SA and Amarillo to the AA, and keep the Captains in S-B having brought a championship to the towns.

    It would be nice to have a 16 team league rather than 14, whether it be set up as only two divisions or four. SA will draw more being in the AA, and have automatic rivalries with the other north Texas franchises. A special series trophy (and for money?) like the Bears and the Jackals are doing in New Jersey would make for a nice little added incentive.

    • The Colts are interesting as they are in a unique position to be pursued, geographically speaking, by 3 leagues: United (or any alliance), American Association, or Pecos.

      Since there is no word on the street about the Colts, and since the business entity is partially-owned by the United League (to what percentage, if even the majority percentage, I am not aware). The highest likelihood is that the Colts stay in any league with the ULB (or multi-league alliance as the speculation suggests) for 2011 and beyond unless a lease situation happens like there was in Amarillo. Should anything change then it will be posted on the site.

      Also, the Amarillo deal for the AA is still not officially announced if a 2011 AA team will be a 15th team or if Shreveport relocates. Once official word on the structure of Amarillo’s 2011 season team becomes public then I will post it on the site as well.

      Welcome to the wacky world of the independent minor league baseball business. The off-season business side is usually filled with more drama and speculation than the regular season’s on-field action provides!

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