Abilene Prairie Dogs Not To Return In 2013, Possible 2014

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Although not ruled out for a 2014 return, the Abilene Prairie Dogs will not be playing in 2013.  The team, which last year played in the United League division of the North American League, had its season terminated roughly a week early by league officials for financial reasons.  Citing a need for a legitimate stadium, league officials felt that the stadium could not draw well enough (without beer) to make the option feasible to return.  The article quoted John Bryant as the official from the United League.

  • http://www.reporternews.com/news/2013/jan/23/prairie-dogs-wont-return-in-2013-but-league-door/

With the North American League not having its Northern Division from 2012 operate, now being called the Pacific Association, the question remains if the United League division teams will keep the North American League name and logo, or if they will return to the old United League Baseball name and logo.  No website yet exists at the league level for the Texas-based 2012 United League teams.  Likely it will go back to the United League; and, if so, all formal announcements will be included on this site.

The other question is what will the United League team structure look like this season.  With the earlier announcement that the city of Edinburg opted to keep its lease with the Roadrunners, the league has the option for a structure of:

  • 4 teams:   Edinburg Roadrunners, Fort Worth Cats, Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings, San Angelo Colts
  • 6 teams (w/ travel team):  Edinburg Roadrunners, Fort Worth Cats, McAllen Thunder (neutral site team which played in Edinburg last year), Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings, San Angelo Colts and a travel team
  • 6 teams (no travel team): Edinburg Roadrunners, Fort Worth Cats, McAllen Thunder (neutral site team which played in Edinburg last year), Rio Grande Valley WhiteWings, San Angelo Colts and a permanent replacement for the Abilene Prairie Dogs

Once league officials clarify their 2013 schedule then it will be posted as well.


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  1. And this messes up the “schedule” presumable made with San Rafael. Boy, these guys are horrible with their vision, aren’t they?

    The NAL web site is already gone. There is one for United, but it hasn’t been used in a while. Could easily be revivied. Bryant IS the United League.

    Forget McAllen if they do not even play in town. They and Abilene were already out of the running when they folded anyway. So that didn’t make any difference to the outcome…just the revenue. And inviting Yuma to join for this year doesn’t make much sense either, unless you again go for the week or two long road trips each way.

    Too bad they are not good enough to join Sugarland and the AL. Maybe they could next year, but Bryant would have to loosen ties.

    Indy baseball is really taking a hit these days. Maybe there is too much of it around now…especially in Texas. Is the game dying? Are we losing fans to other new sports? Why must there be beer? Why cannot people see what a bad influence it has on quality life? Every empire that was once great has fallen to boredom and alcohol

  2. Relax. The solid indy leagues aren’t going anywhere. The Atlantic, Can-Am, American Association and Frontier Leagues have the same number of teams they did last year. The North American/United Leagues are shady and poorly run, and it’s coming back to bite them.

    What does beer have to do with anything?

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