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Some of the website’s readers have asked to include news from the Pecos League on the sidebar like the other leagues have. met with Andrew Dunn of the Pecos League, and the RSS feed was created in order for everyone to stay up to date with Pecos League news:

Just to clarify, the RSS feeds on the sidebar of the website currently pull league-specific news from sites like This was chosen because OSC aggregates local news stories by team and league, so we display the most recent posts as they include local news coverage.  The assumption is that you, the reader, may be interested in these types of news items – much of which changes everyday, especially during the season.  Assuming that OSC gets the news which the official league and team websites produce, you should have a more complete understanding of a specific team or league.

The blog posts on this website often add some insight or clarification to a particular story. lets the other sites collect the scores, trades, free agent signings, and other day-to-day happenings throughout independent baseball leagues.  We want you to gain additional insight through our updates, understand how a current news item may tie into the history of independent baseball, and how events tie into the overall business of professional baseball.  By adding the league-specific news/RSS feeds, we hope that you refer us to your friends and social network followers as a starting point for anything to do with the professional independent baseball leagues.

There have been some requests for team-specific news, but it would clutter up the website.  Should there be an overwhelming requests for team-specific RSS feeds then a separate page will be added to include those links.


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