Can-Am League Adopts International Extra Innings Rules

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The Can-Am League announced over the weekend that it will be adopting the extra inning rules used by International Baseball Federation (IBF).  According to the league website:

“Beginning in the 11th inning, the player in the batting order immediately preceding that inning’s leadoff hitter will be placed on second base. The inning will otherwise proceed as usual, with each team getting a turn at bat.

Should the player starting the inning on second base eventually score, it will count in statistics as a run for the player and an RBI for the batter who drove him in (if applicable), but it will not count towards the pitcher’s earned-run”

Similar rules are in place for the World Baseball Classic and international games.  No word yet on if this rule change will apply to the American Association or if they will apply to the inter-league games between the AA and Can-Am during the 2014 regular season.



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1 Comment

  1. and there is no guarantee that this idea will bring about a winner. The games could still run on, with both sides scoring a run by a sacrifice bunt and a sacrifice fly. Granted, indy ball players could botch this idea up.

    The concept is correct to save a manager’s pitching staff from overuse, although the indy rosters are full of inactive players that can be activated in half a day’s notice. Makes the rosters actually bigger than they are!

    But why not adopt the Japan method and accept ties after 11 innings are played, or 9 innings when playing two 7-inning double headers?? This way everyone in the ball park KNOWS that the game will END, one way or another. How many diehard indy fans stay on to watch after three hours? What’s the point? It’s an INDY game, not MLB, and I do not think MLB should play past 11 innings anymore either!

    With beer no longer served after a certain time, what’s the ordinary fan likely to stay there for. Even the ice cream runs out by then, and there is NO way you pay concession people for extra innings, right?

    I don’t care WHAT international bodies use this…it’s a DUMB idea!

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