Updates Coming For Independent Baseball

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I just wanted to let the fans of this website know a few things:

  • Thank you for supporting this site with your links, referring it to other baseball fans, and for your comments.  They are all appreciated!
  • I have been asked to update everything as much as possible; and this will be done in the off-season.  For example, managers come/go during the off-season, so the managers information will link directly to the teams’ websites as appropriate
  • I will do what I can to give you the most accurate list of Twitter and Facebook team & league pages as possible.  The teams which folded after the 2010 season (or soon to be folded teams) will be removed; and the new teams will have their websites, ticket pages, Facebook/Twitter, online radio/TV, and other such pages updated ASAP
  • Once the new teams are updated, I will do what I can to link directly to the official statistics pages for each team/league.  Whether I link directly to Pointstreak’s page, or the team’s page which may embed the Pointstreak data (assuming that they are using Poinstreak for 2011) will be tested on an ease-of-upload basis for the average web user

During the off-season, please help by keeping me up to date of any changes you know to a particular team or league’s online radio/TV presence, new fan forums, new Facebook pages, etc.  I want this site to be your starting point for everything related to professional independent minor league baseball, and your help in keeping it current will be appreciated tremendously.  You are also welcome to request topics for interviews, Q&A with commissioners, and other information which will enhance the experience for current fans as well as any other topics which you believe would attract more casual baseball fans’ interest to the independent game.
Thank you, and enjoy the end of the 2010 season!


P.S.  Should you be a part of any forums, social networks, e-mail lists, sports journalists (traditional media or online), and any other place where baseball fans convene then please help spread the word about this site.  They are invited to participate in the conversation as well.


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We will be providing a growing list of possibly helpful tips and suggestions on various baseball information. This will range from "how to" information about baseball skills all the way to helpful information for casual baseball fans. Please click the link for more information: Tips And How To Information