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Over the Christmas Holidays and into the early part of next year, we plan to revise this website to offer more value to the baseball industry.  This would include fans, owners, team management, league commissioners, players, media researchers, etc.  Since the website started in 2009 we have strived to keep you up to date with the big happenings in the professional independent minor league baseball industry, often with a focus on the business side of the game as that actually can affect your experience at future games as a fan.

We acknowledge that the website needs to be redesigned from an “aesthetic” (layout) perspective.  What we need to know is the type of information you want which is tough to find elsewhere.  Please let us know what type of content you are seeking, and which we can fulfill.  Here are some thoughts:

  • Creating a thorough page for each team where each team’s Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram updates and YouTube videos are all included + embed the headlines from the recent updates from the team’s website.  In essence, this would be a “one stop shop” to get the team’s news and updates
  • Interviews with players and managers/coaches.  If so, what do you want to hear (if a podcast) or read (if an e-mail interview)?
  • Would you share/retweet/bookmark a weekly online video or podcast show about the independent baseball industry?
  • Do you want daily trivia about the independent leagues embedded on this site?
  • Do you want reviews on books written about independent baseball?
  • Do you want “how to” information from players, coaches and managers on things like “how to bunt” or “how to throw a slider”?
  • Do you want reviews from the teams on individual player equipment or team equipment?
  • Other

Please share this post with fellow independent baseball fans.  Leave your thoughts in the comments box/field.  We will publish your comment if you indicate it is okay to do so and it’s appropriate for a family-friendly audience.

Thank you for your thoughts.


There are several good books about the independent professional baseball leagues. You are welcome to see a list of suggestions through this link: Books

Get notified of upcoming independent baseball tryouts from either of these services: first service or the second service. Prospective players can find some helpful resources here

We will be providing a growing list of possibly helpful tips and suggestions on various baseball information. This will range from "how to" information about baseball skills all the way to helpful information for casual baseball fans. Please click the link for more information: Tips And How To Information

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  1. Mostly I am concerned that the addition of all this new information will slow down the performance of the site all the more. Be SURE to add much greater speed to the site’s opening page, and maybe then to the highly visited ones as well, if not for the whole site, or we frustrated very quickly!

    While YOU may have a fetish for the business side of things, I’m quite sure that the majority of the followers are that into it. Maybe a survey needs to be taken now, so as to determine HOW much of the site is going to be devoted to that. Tidbits are fine. Every detail? not MY tea.

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