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Thank you for visiting IndependentBaseball.net, your starting point for everything related to independent professional baseball in North America.  During the 2009 independent baseball season, over 7 million announced fans attended games across the 8 operating independent baseball leagues.  Yet, until now, there has not been a centralized website for fans to find out more information about other teams and leagues.

This website will offer you direct links to items of interest for every independent baseball team and league across the continent.  In addition, you will discover throughout the site useful content that is applicable to your situation whether you are a youth baseball parent, prospective player looking for independent baseball tryout information, college baseball parent or coach, fan of all professional baseball leagues, self-confessed “stats junkie”, former independent baseball player, member of the sports media, or current independent baseball executive.

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Throughout the site you will discover opportunities to obtain useful information relevant to independent baseball and its fans.  Please consider taking advantage of these pieces of information as they were selected with the intention of helping you get terrific information in that particular subject.

Finally, this website will evolve over time depending on the feedback given by you, the site’s visitor.  To start, these are just some of the benefits you get by becoming a regular visitor:

  • Easy-to-find links to specific information on independent baseball team and league websites
  • Up to date independent baseball news across all leagues and the industry in general 
  • Resources to help those who want to join the industry
  • Resources for independent baseball alumni (players, managers, staff, executives, announcers, umpires, etc.)
  • Links to the third-party statistics services which many teams and leagues use (these links are not widely known by most fans)
  • Ability to quickly and easily listen to independent baseball games
  • Ability to find archived online broadcasts in case you want to listen to a previous game
  • Ways to collect unique independent baseball merchandise and memorabilia
  • Useful content throughout the site which will give you tips and advice on specific content
  • (upcoming) Exclusive interviews with players, former players, and industry insiders
  • New features will be added based on your feedback and that of fellow website visitors

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Thank you for becoming a regular visitor to this site and thank you for being a fan of independent professional baseball across North America!


For now, all comments will be moderated before being posted live.  Should you decide to leave a comment then please keep all comments clean as parents may be reading this site with their children.  In addition, if you want to leave comments about a specific independent baseball team or league then we encourage you to join one of the independent baseball forums or independent baseball social media pages

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