Improving This Website

If you need hard-to-get tickets to sporting events and other live entertainment events then click this link to find available tickets:

Also, be sure to get actual and print-on-demand memorabilia and merchandise from independent baseball teams (active and now defunct) starting at this link: Go Here took a recent hiatus to examine several aspects of the website in recent months.  We want to offer more value to fans of independent professional baseball, team executives, owners, players, league officials, sports media professionals and friends and family members of those involved with the industry.

We are working on making lots of changes to the website for 2014, so thank you for your patience.  There has been some significant news in recent days such as:

  • new teams being announced (e.g. the Sonoma Stompers in the Pacific Association)
  • new coaching and manager updates for the teams
  • interesting business developments such as the Atlantic League team getting into sports radio station ownership
  • much more

These will be addressed when we come revise the site’s content and direction.

So far, we have done the following:

  • attempted to speed up page loading time, especially on mobile/tablet browsers
  • reduced the number of ads
  • planned out some new features to make this site more unique and interesting for you in 2014

Regarding the latter, here is what is planned so we would love your feedback:

  • Creating specific pages for each team and including links to each of the team’s relevant web properties from there.  Ideally, each team page will have:
    • widgets with the team’s latest Facebook and Twitter posts
    • widget with the team’s latest YouTube video
    • embedded stats and rosters
    • other team-specific news
    • links to listen to online radio and online video coverage
    • contact information
  • The same as the above for the each independent league plus:
    • embedded standings and attendance figures
    • contact information
  • Unique player and executive stories conducted by us.  These would include:
    • e-mail Q&A interviews
    • phone conversations/podcasts
    • YouTube videos
  • Possible “looking back” features regarding the history of independent baseball since 1993
  • Other general baseball information such as:
    • “how to” training videos and e-books from those involved with professional baseball
    • items to help with fantasy baseball
    • baseball equipment reviews and features
    • where to get sports jobs, not just those in pro baseball

Please contact us or leave a comment on this post with your thoughts on helping us give more value to our readers in 2014.  Many thanks for your thoughts.


There are several good books about the independent professional baseball leagues. You are welcome to see a list of suggestions through this link: Books

Get notified of upcoming independent baseball tryouts from either of these services: first service or the second service. Prospective players can find some helpful resources here

We will be providing a growing list of possibly helpful tips and suggestions on various baseball information. This will range from "how to" information about baseball skills all the way to helpful information for casual baseball fans. Please click the link for more information: Tips And How To Information


  1. I’m interested in Transactions, just curious as to where players are. Can leagues post daily, some are easy to find, others hard.

    • Tom,
      Thank you for your thoughts, and it is a great suggestion! Transactions are something we are trying to aggregate using technology (e.g. RSS feeds). The league websites’ architecture doesn’t make it easy for us to parse this data and place it somewhere you and our visitors can easily find in an organized manner. Once we find this method then we will test it. After it is working properly then we will announce it.

      This is the problem with the lack of standardization across the platforms used by the independent leagues & teams. Each has a belief of “looking good” is better than getting access to information easily. Most teams also have lost a ton of revenue by not understanding website monetizing methods as well as poor site structure.

      As we improve this website from a “look and feel” perspective, the first goal must remain to give you (the fan) access to robust & easy-to-find information. Once that is set then we can deal with aesthetics; but we are open to ideas from sports sites you like that have a good blend of easy-to-find information mixed with good appearance. Feel free to PM with your thoughts.

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