News About Independent Baseball Statistics

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Here is a useful piece of news for those of you who follow the statistics of independent baseball leagues and teams:

Pointstreak worked with the Golden League in 2009, and many other independent professional baseball leagues are following suit in 2010.  Pointstreak should allow most fans the ability to follow a particular independent baseball game’s statistics, pitch-by-pitch.  It will depend on if the team incorporate’s Pointstreak’s code in its website.  Contact the team and/or Poinstreak as the season gets closer to determine if the teams you like will have the pitch-by-pitch capbaility.

Of course, you always can follow an independent baseball game via the online radio or online television capability, should your team offer it in 2010.  Check the tab at the top of the page to see radio and TV listings for your favorite team.


There are several good books about the independent professional baseball leagues. You are welcome to see a list of suggestions through this link: Books

Get notified of upcoming independent baseball tryouts from either of these services: first service or the second service. Prospective players can find some helpful resources here

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