Fake Name Posting On Blog Comments

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It has been brought to my attention that a webmaster saw comments being posted in the pending comments section administrative/dashboard settings under the name “Matt” or “Matty” or “IndependentBaseball”.  When fans/readers of a blog leave a comment they usually are forced, by the website’s software, to leave at least an e-mail address.

This particular website owner contacted me as someone has been using the “Matt” name and posting negative comments which, apparently, have been considered to be unprofessional at best.  They also left an e-mail address with a number in front of the “@independentbaseball.net” address.  This is why I was contacted by the webmaster.  I thank him for reaching out to me.

I will confirm that IndependentBaseball.net has not and will not post negative comments on any blogs/forums, especially of a personal nature or an unprofessional nature.  This blog post serves to confirm that neither I, nor any agent/representative under my authority, nor any colleagues are posting negative comments at my direction about any aspects of independent baseball or any specific person/team/league/entity.

In previous posts, I have written that I want this industry to thrive and expand its revenue aspirations from being just beyond “local entertainment”.  Delving into petty, unprofessional arguments on blogs is not what I want to see representing this business.  There is much to be gained by the intelligent use of time and caring about growing the industry.  “Firing shots” at people or teams/leagues on someone else’s website goes against that goal, and is counterproductive at best.

If you are a webmaster, forum moderator, or other web property owner and see a questionable or negative comment attributed to any of these websites then please contact me immediately (with the IP address if possible) so that I can confirm that I never posted such content:

  • IndependentBaseball.net
  • IndependentBaseballTrivia.com
  • IndependentBaseballTryouts.net
  • IndependentMinorLeagueBaseball.com
  • Baseballinternetmarketing.com

The only comments which will be posted by anyone associated with the listed websites are informative ones, constructive ones or positive ones.  Any webmaster, forum owner/moderator, or other web property moderator is welcome to kill/block any negative comments attributed to the listed websites as they will not be coming from anyone associated with those websites.  Should you see negative or unprofessional comments, again please contact me with the information so that I can act appropriately.

Thank you for your time and attention on this matter, and I look forward to serving the professional baseball community with only positive and constructive information to grow the independent leagues’ side of the business.



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