New Interactive Promotions

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This season, some of the teams in the American Association are incorporating fan videos, Twitter, and the digital scoreboard:

Interactive promotions, especially those which incorporate the fan, are going to be the way minor league baseball teams differentiate themselves from other entertainment options.  Hopefully these teams help usher in more interactive promotions and help ensure that the independent leagues increase overall attendance in 2010.


There are several good books about the independent professional baseball leagues. You are welcome to see a list of suggestions through this link: Books

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  1. I agree that fan interaction is the way to go, and fans should be encouraged to twitter/facebook/blog/etc. about games, especially in real time.

    One of the big problems with the CBL has been that we can’t even get *league* interaction or quick score reports. The stats reporting from official sources were crap; fans updating unofficial fan forums did a better job than the teams and league.

    Heck, I’ve even had the experience of broadcasting CBL games live while keeping my own scorebook, while the official scoreboard was obviously wrong, sometimes for several innings before being corrected.

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