United League Announces Texas Summer League

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The United League announced that it is going to operate an instructional, pay-to-play summer league starting next week.  The enticement is that the best players will join a team to finish out the season in the United League.

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This is likely going  to cause concern about a pay-to-play option which guarantees time against actual pro teams.  It, however, is not the first time that this has taken place.  Such a course started in 2009 when the Coastal Kingfish were introduced into the Continental Baseball League as a last-minute replacement for a team which was supposed to play in the Dallas area.

In subsequent years, there have been developmental leagues which are pay-to-play.  The Pecos League just ran its Houston-based Pecos Development League.  The developmental New York State League fed players to the Taos Blizzard this year (until recently) and ran the 2011 New York Federals which played in the Can-Am League.  Of course, prospective players pay to attend open tryouts in all leagues.

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  1. Stupid to me. How you can have a summer “league” when you have a team that has just defaulted on its schedule? And a team that was doing well ON the field. That does not seem to matter anymore. Baseball owners are a dime a dozen now, and most of them are thinking “Field Of Dreams” mentality, which is becoming more false by the day…”if you build it, they will come.”

    Well, guess what folks…they ain’t always coming!! Has to matter where you set up these franchises, and that you need to do a lot of homework and marketing before you throw the first pitch. Sites have to be hungry for baseball still, which is now being highly competed with by other sports and distractions. These fly by nighters are not playing fair with the players or the other teams OR the fan bases.

    How hard up must you be to want to play “instructional” ball in Texas? Seems to me a better spot for this is Saskatewan Canada, or that vacated field in Victoria now. Let you can’t draw water from a dry sponge, you also cannot ADD water to a saturated one, like the Suncoast League tried to do a few years back in the southeast. That was too bad because of the great logos and uniforms…which I relish.

    Would seem a nobraniner for the now free agent Admirals to become the new Aces, or whatever sad name they want to carry. Hello??

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