Yuma Scorpions Prospective Owner

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Here is an article about the prospective owner out of Yuma, Arizona who is trying raise the financial commitments to keep the Golden League’s Scorpions in town:

The article’s author is not hopeful due to the scenario that local businesses and individuals are not actively participating in the fundraising.  It appears that the 2009 “switcheroo” of the rosters right before the first game + the 2010 operational manager’s skipping town with bills to be paid have hurt the local market; and this does not account for any bad blood left behind by Yuma’s previous team in the Western League.

Hopefully McDermott can turn around the situation, although travel costs will be significant between Maui and the Canadian teams.  If he can, then all kudos go to him because a situation like that is typically a low-odds scenario.  We wish him the best because the more chances independent baseball has to thrive then more players have the opportunity to be pro baseball players and the more opportunities front office people have to develop their careers.


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