Yuma Scorpions Now To Be Yuma Panthers, Plus New Manager

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In an effort to get away from the recent troubles which the Yuma Scorpions brand has experienced in recent years, the new ownership of Yuma’s independent baseball team (scheduled for the 2012 North American League season), Godfather Media, has decided to change the name of the team to the Yuma Panthers.  According to this article, the name of the team dates back to 1950 when a Yuma Panthers team played in the area (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yuma-Panthers/139347549427235):

In addition to the name change, the article mentions several other developments:

  • Garry Templeton will now be the Panthers’ field manager, replacing Jose Canseco who managed the Scorpions last year
  • Supposedly, stock will be offered (minimum $1000 investment) in the team’s LLC.  It also will be offered locally.  No word was given regarding any blue sky laws, prospectus requirements, voting rights for the shareholders, etc.
  • No new logo was
  • No website address, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other social media pages were announced yet.  Once confirmed, they will be added to the respective pages on this site

There is no word on whether or not the developmental Arizona Winter League, which in the past was operated in Yuma under the Diamond Sports Entertainment entity, is going to be associated with the new Panthers/Godfather Media entity.  Once confirmed, it will be mentioned on this site.

This will be Yuma’s fourth independent baseball team name since the 1993 inception of independent baseball.  In order, here is the history:

  • Yuma Desert Dawgs (1995 Golden State League, team folded after roughly 10 games)
  • Yuma Bullfrogs (Western League, 2000 – 2002)
  • Yuma Scorpions (Golden League/North American League, 2005 – Jan 2012)
  • Yuma Panthers (Feb 2012 – onward)

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