Yuma Scorpions News

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This past week there were several news items which relate to the North American League for 2012 and 2013:

First, the new owners of the Yuma Scorpions were announced as Godfather Media, Inc.  They took over the team from Diamond Sports Entertainment which is the parent company of the former Golden League, now the lead executives for the North American League.  Of interest is the article from the company’s CEO, Michael Cummings, regarding what he believes is necessary to make Yuma successful:

The company is publicly traded on the OTC pink sheets:

Cummings is not new to the Golden League/North American League.  In 2010, he led XnE, Inc to purchase the rights to 4 teams in Hawaii for the Golden League.  Only one team formed which still exists (under multiple ownership changes): the Na Koa Ikaika Maui. Here is information about Cummings when with XnE:

Of further interest is the company’s recent tweet found on the Twitter timeline for the company website:  http://www.godfathermedia.net/index.php

It says that William (Bill) Joyce is going to be the president of the Scorpions. It led to this article:

There is no official word on the status of last year’s GM, Jose Melendez, or any other staff.  The team website, as of today, still lists Melendez as the GM:

Bill Joyce ran the St. George Roadrunners of the Golden League when it folded in 2010.  It was operating under Hot Corner Baseball LLC:

Cummings, when running XnE, acquired the rights to the Roadrunners near the end of 2009:

Last season also had Jose and Ozzie Canseco as the manager and coach, respectively, as well as being on the active roster.  It appears that neither might be with the team this year even though both are still on the team’s website:

Once everything gets settled in Yuma it will be posted on this site.



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