Yuma Panthers Logo

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In certain peripheral circles of those involved with the independent minor league baseball industry, some complaints arose with the new Yuma Panthers replacing the Yuma Scorpions.  Their complaints had to do more with the loss of what they perceived to be one of the better logos in independent baseball, the Scorpion logo wearing the baseball cap.

The North American League website this week added a Yuma Panthers logo, although no official word has come out if this is going to be the official logo going forward.  The new logo is on this link:

At the time of this blog post, the link on that page still directs visitors to the YumaScorpions.com website.  Once a new website and/or any other logos become confirmed then they will be added to this site.

To address the concerns of those who loved the Scorpions logo, the question still becomes, “how much money did it make the team?”  Sadly, this question permeates most discussions within independent baseball.  Let’s hope that the Panthers logo, whatever it ultimately becomes, is unique enough to warrant merchandise sales both in Yuma plus from baseball fans across the country.  The Scorpions logo, while definitely nice-looking, happened to be part of the property of a failed brand; and its loss joins the other 200-plus folded independent baseball team logos since the 1993 inception of independent baseball.

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