Website Posting Independent Baseball Coming To MN In 2014

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Earlier this week, posted an interesting article about independent baseball coming to Shakopee, Minnesota in 2014.  The city is southwest of downtown Minneapolis.  They found the contact name to be the same as a person tied with the company which attempted to bring independent baseball to Omaha’s TD Ameritrade Stadium.  Here are the articles of interest:

No currently-operating league has, as of yet, announced that it is going into the territory which features the St. Paul Saints which have operated since the first season of independent baseball (1993 version).  Also of interest is the proposed team’s name “Millers”.  For those who were not familiar with independent baseball’s early days 1993-1996, there was a huge surge of teams and leagues trying to cash in on the “craze” of independent leagues.  In 1994-1995, there was a huge amount of surge in the Northwest including four (4) teams in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area alone.  They were:

  • St. Paul Saints (at the time in the Northern League, now American Association)
  • Minneapolis Loons (1994 North Central League, 1995 Prairie League)
  • Minneapolis Millers (Great Central League, 1994)
  • Minnesota Skeeters (North Central League, 1994)

This did not even include the nearby (within 50 miles):

  • Chaska Valley Buccaneers (North Central League, 1995)

At the time there also were teams within 150 miles of St. Paul, including:

  • Rochester Aces (Northern League 1993, moved to become Winnipeg Goldeyes in 1994)
  • Brainerd Bears (North Central League 1994-1995)
  • Marshall Mallards (North Central League 1994)
  • Southern Minny Stars (Prairie League, 1996-1997)
  • Brainerd Bobcats (Prairie League 1997)

With so many teams failing in the region with the exception of St. Paul, especially with the emergence of summer collegiate baseball in the area, one has to ask if these proposed owners have a business plan which will be different than what the other teams did not do properly.  If anything further develops from this group then it will be posted here once confirmed.


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  1. The Minnesota Skeeters played in Hibbing, which is in the far north of the state and not in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area; and in 1995, not 1994.

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