Vladimir Guerrero’s Agent Talking With Quebec Capitales

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The Quebec Capitales, winner of the last four Can-Am League championships, posted on their website that they are talking with the agent of longtime MLB veteran Vladimir Guerrero.  Here is the link to the site:

Due to the fact that the story is in French, here is the translation from Google’s Translate Tool (translate.google.com):

“In the late afternoon, the president of the Quebec Capitals Michel Laplante and agent Vladimir Guerrero, Greg Maroni, talked for several minutes to establish a first link between the two clans.

The meeting between the two men was to answer some questions, both on the side of the Quebec organization that environment featuring the former Montreal Expos. Michel Laplante also took the opportunity to argue that the independent baseball would be a great showcase for Guerrero, who longs to return to the major leagues.

“The agent Vladimir Guerrero had several questions about the Capitals organization and the Can-Am League as a whole. The discussion went very well and I felt a great openness on the part of Mr. Maroni, “said the president.

Earlier today, as the information which the agent Vladimir Guerrero had mentioned on the air of a Montreal radio station he saw the Can-Am League among the options the customer has spread like wildfire throughout Quebec.

Vladimir Guerrero, 38, has played 2,147 games during his 16-year career in Major League Baseball. It displays a career batting average of 318 and a total of 449 circuits. The Dominican has spent his first eight seasons with the Montreal Expos, becoming a legend in the metropolis.”


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  1. So does this mean that every team in all the BETTER indy leagues took a pass on Vlad? Wow! He would be a major drawing card for at least half a season, regardless of ability, and most of the leagues pay better than the CanAm, right? He must have a yen for things French, girlfriend or wife, or just wanted to see more of the world.

    However, didn’t he play for Montreal early in his career? That might explain why he wants to enjoy some more French cuisine again. And is he a citizen of Canada? Saves on taxes, right? Hmm. Well, the Qs will visit a lot of cities that he’ll be a draw for.

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