Update On St. George Roadrunners

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Here is more information on the St. George Roadrunners situation, and it includes more background on the new owner:  http://www.thespectrum.com/article/20100121/SPORTS/1210314/1006/New-owner-feels-like-Roadrunners-can-succeed

Page 2 of the article is interesting in that it talks about the minimum need for paid attendance to break even.  IndependentBaseball.net has no ties to any party involved with the Roadrunners, so here are some “independent” suggestions for what can be done:

  • Leverage the team’s current fan base.  Give them incentive to spread the word and brand the team with techniques such as fan photos and videos on YouTube which can be shared easily, quickly, and for free
  • Get on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines for local-based terms which people are seeking when looking for things to do
  • Have the local Convention/Visitors Bureau make the games a “destination” spot when conferences come to town.  Even with discounted tickets and no beer sales at Bruce Hurst Field, the marginal top-line revenues chould be improved
  • Find some way to brand the players who are local icons to the fans.  Whether it is with UFC-style video vignettes of the players, fan-designed player merchandise, or some other method the team must remember that the players are always the “draw” — not the front office

Hopefully any/all of these methods are already underway.  Nonetheless, we hope that St. George – and any other team which has had financial setbacks in 2009 – uses simple, free, and easy techniques which leverage large groups of people to become rabid fans AND help spread the word about the team.

With so many entertainment options now available to the average person, a 1980’s-style approach to marketing minor league baseball just doesn’t cut it anymore.  Here’s hoping that Hot Corner LLC, and the rest of the independent baseball ownership/management groups, do the necessary steps to make their businesses viable, professional, fun, and ultimately profitable for their own pocketbooks as well offering quality entertainment for the fans.


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