Stadium For Possible Atlantic League 2

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A Pennsylvania group is purchasing Skylands Park in Sussex Country, New Jersey.  The stadium last served as home to the Sussex County SkyHawks who played in the Can-Am League.  The agent handling the sale of the stadium was quoted as saying that the Atlantic League was very interested in putting a team there in 2014.

Likely, should the Atlantic League truly be interested, the stadium would serve as a hub for the proposed Atlantic League 2.  That possible independent league would serve as a feeder league directly to the current Atlantic League clubs.  No word yet exists on if that league is officially going to happen and, if so, when the starting dates would be.  Should such a league come into existence, the likely scenario is that this feeder league would operate in the Northeast with smaller budgets and lower travel costs by playing in old stadiums which once housed independent professional baseball or higher-level summer collegiate league teams.

The article also mentions an unnamed second league is considering putting a team in the stadium.  There is no word on if that league is a professional independent league, summer collegiate league or even affiliated pro baseball.

Here is more on the Skylands Park deal:


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  1. Yes, this is a really nice venue for playing ball in. Just SO rural in upper NW New Jersey that it really has to be well attended by the locals in order to make it work. The economy and maybe short season and lesser known players may have caused the dwindling.

    Was there once when the Cards played there, and should have gone up when the Skyhawks were there. Their GREAT logo and motifs that nearly won an all logo tournament one year I believe, and the ‘hawks won the CanAm one year under Hal Lanier! So it is a terrible shame that more play has not continued there.

    With the support of the Atlantic League is should do well again. Fans would get to see major league hopefuls, or ex MLB has beens, if the salaries are competitive enough to be lured away from more established, longer season independent leagues. That’ll be tough.

    Between Skylands Park and the Sandcastle in Atlantic City, AL2 should have two still great venues to start from in smaller markets. My only problem with SP was that all the concession stands were under the stands where you could not keep an eye on play. But the lines were also not very long the night I was there. Some more covering for the fans would be nice, but probably a luxury for now.

    Probably only 40 to 50 home games would be needed, but classy concerts should draw from all across North Jersey, eastern PA and southern New York. Cannot remember what all the extra buildings are there as the pictures show. Has to be more than a field house; maybe indoor flea markets or something. Great open location! So if somebody good comes to it, I will definitely make two trips there.

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