Santa Fe Fuego Playing Games Near Forest Fires

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Here is an interesting article you don’t see everyday:

The article discusses how the Santa Fe Fuego (Pecos League) have played games near forest fires in the area and how it has affected the local area.


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  1. This is a week old!! How about telling us why the Pecos is no longer posting daily articles…and they were GOOD by the way!

    And that the “scheduler” finally made some sense out of a non sensical setup for the week…albeit leaving a lot of teams without games for both them AND the fans. Never made sense from the get go…and he was repeatedly warned of the craziness, as well as the ridiculous imbalance of the schedule. It IS no wonder this league has gone underground. What a joke this has been, except that what was expected has fortunately NOT happened. I will not elaborate at this time.

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