Rockford Riverhawks to Join Frontier League

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Late this week, the Rockford Riverhawks announced that they will leave the North American League and rejoin the Frontier League, where it played through the 2009 season:


This leaves several questions:

  • With Rockford’s joining the Frontier League, does it simply replace the Kalamazoo Kings on the schedule?  The Kings owner in recent weeks has been discussing folding the team
  • If Kalamazoo does not fold then does the Frontier League add a travel team?  If so, this could mess up the promotions schedules and other schedules already in place for the Frontier League’s 2011 teams
  • Regarding the North American League, with the jump from Rockford to the Frontier League and the recent eviction of the Schaumberg Flyers, what happens to the Lake County Fielders?  The NAL was supposed to have a 4-team circuit in the Chicago area going into 2011 (Joliet, Schaumberg, Lake County, and Rockford).  Now only Lake County is left.
  • Do the Fielders play in the NAL still?  If so, does the NAL realign?
  • With the Texas teams remaining from the old United League (San Angelo, Edinburg, and Rio Grande Valley), do the old ULB teams split off and play with the three teams and a travel team?  Do they stay in the NAL and have a 4-team circuit in the East (Lake County, San Angelo, Rio Grande Valley, and Edinburg)?
  • What happens with the Flyers?  Do they become a travel team in the NAL or simply vanish?


Once the answers become confirmed then they will be posted on this site.  Feel free to leave your comments.


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  1. It seems the NAL is falling apart as the season is about to start. The geographic footprint of the league seemed to doom it from the start and maybe the NAL should look to being a sort of confederation with a Texas League and a Western League. What about trying to get someone to put together a stadium in Portland Oregon as a replacement for Tucson as it doesn’t look like the new T-pods are going to be going anywhere soon.

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