Pecos League’s Alamogordo Team To Get Beer Sales

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The White Sands Pupfish, the Pecos League team set to play in Alamogordo (NM), announced that it will get beer sales in time for the 2011 season:

It is always interesting to see the quotes from locals about their beliefs when they are first introduced to a professional sports team.  While their arguments for preventing underage kids from getting access to the alcohol is admirable, many are not familiar with the economics of professional sports.  Their understanding of the sports business usually is limited to high school or other amateur sporting events; and these events are funded by the parents and/or local tax dollars.

The professional sports world, however, is selling entertainment with better talent than can be found at the local level.  The trade-off, however, is that the on-field talent has no emotional attachment to the local town.  Also, selling entertainment which features adults (21 and over on the field) as the talent to adults and families during the summertime requires that the team turn a profit in order to return the next year.  Additionally, the team needs to guarantee exposure to many fans across multiple avenues (live events, online radio, and on the internet) in order to justify asking for money from local sponsors.

The reality is that selling alcohol, assuming that access to it can be controlled and that security is present, almost always will increase adult attendance at live entertainment where adults are the talent.  This is seen in professional sports across the country, from professional football to mixed martial arts to golf.  Feel free to leave your thoughts on the subject if you wish.


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