Pecos League Season Underway

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The 2013 Pecos League regular season started last night with the Alpine Cowboys defeating the White Sands Pupfish (in Alamogordo, NM) and the Roswell Invaders defeating the Las Vegas Train Robbers (Roswell, NM):

The American Association and the Can-Am League start their seasons tomorrow night (Thursday 5/16).   The Frontier League starts later in the week.


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  1. And the Pecos wins hands down with the worst schedule in all of baseball. I can’t believe the other teams leaders are not more up in arms about what has been “created”. And there are no decent articles trying to explain why this all has to be that way. Some series are five games long, while some weeks almost every team is switching venues every day for one game matches. It’s insane and so totally imbalanced as to not be creditable.

    The team that wins will undoubtedly have been set up to do so. How some of the players can even play well under this mess will be a wonder. The player turnover, let alone the managerial turnover could be quite high this “season.”

  2. Neither is their any standings table on the web site opening page, not a link to it. Homework is NOT being done in Pecos.

    Guess I really won’t be following them much anyway, eh?

  3. Oh, GREAT! now a weak looking standings table is out,
    and already it is in error. These guys are amateurs, not pros!

    Nice impression you’re making Pecos.

  4. HELLO, AGAIN!! Where are the all lime green uniforms that the Invaders are suppose to be wearing at home?? You have two teams both wearing blue shirts that are barely different from each other! That makes things dicey around the bases.

    And why isn’t Alpine wearing road red? Or is that a home color. Still white versus the White Sands tan is just barely distinctive. EVEN WORSE is both Trinidad and Raton wearing black! What happened to Raton’s orange jerseys? Fortunately the yellow in the Triggers caps and helmets make some distinction. But WTF Pecos? Didn’t your mommies pack your bags, right?

    Every day, something ludicrous in this “league.” Alpine still needs to be awarded a missed win in the “standings.” I cannot wait for this opening week to be over with…can’t you?

    And what’s with all the crap on this web site now!! It takes forever to open with all the ads I do not even LOOK at. Dumb!

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