Pecos League Managers Discuss Not Having DH This Season

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The Pecos League will not use the Designated Hitter (DH) this year in its games.  A recent article on the league’s website quotes how several managers feel about the rule change and how it will affect their managing decisions:


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  1. They should be discussing the lack of a sensible schedule! And yes I will beat this horse until it gets fixed and is much more fair. The rosters are too small to play NL rules anyway, except I bet they each keep an inactive list as well, and use it daily, like pro hockey.

    While the deletion of two teams has made the amount of home and away games more even, WHO each team plays is unbalanced and in some cases unfair. We already know who the weak teams are going to be based on what age and kind of players will be stocking them, and some teams are getting to play the weaker teams more than the others! I do not see why this cannot be rectified.

    They should also be discussing whether the league should drop the idea of separate divisions again or not. Taos being mainly a travel team could probably just be used as a southern division team, especially with it unfairly having to play those teams more already.

    Sante Fe is not scheduled to play its REAL rival Las Vegas enough, and Taos and Trinidad being in such close locality are being short changed as well. Some teams play each other NINE times in the first two weeks! Why does Trinidad have to travel to Alpine twice? And Sante Fe hardly leaves town at all. Quite the favored here. Makes no sense now to drop the last two games from 72 to 70, because it was making an even 18 four games series that is liked.

    The managers and other owners should be complaining about this, while they still have a chance to make improvements. Good grief!

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