Official City Website To Be On Pecos League Team Cap

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The Pecos League announced that its new (brought back) Raton Osos team will feature game caps which have the official city website on the side.  The Osos cap will have on the side as seen here:


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  1. Slow news day? Silly idea, but I guess that’s who paid for the hats. Have to be up close and personal to even see that, as I do not think binoculars will be focused on the hats from the stands; more likely on the ball girls or guys! Not very creative with some of the hats in this league. Who wants to wear black in the sun? But probably costs more to have an orange bill or crown. Didn’t stop them from doing that at Las Vegas or Pecos (had it survived). Alpine could use a white crown and red 06, though it’ll get dirty.

    Let’s hope they do better with the shirts, saving black and navy for on the road, and wearing the prodominant colors at home; orange, yellow, red, and royal or light blues. Won’t miss pinwheel hats!

    What still needs work is the lousy scheduling, and correcting the 7PM start times in Taos, when there are no lights to play under yet!

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