Oakland County Cruisers To Go Dormant For A Season

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The Frontier League announced its schedule for 2011 and it had two significant items:  Joliet is added to the Frontier League for 2011 and the Oakland County Cruisers will go dormant for the 2011 season.  This keeps the Frontier League at 12 teams and bringing  Oakland County back in 2012 will bring the FL to 13 teams at that time.

Also of interest is the mention that a possible 14th team will come into the Frontier League in 2012


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  1. “Dormant” is a poor choice of words here, and I hope the more knowledgeable fans will ignore its misuse, on top of the fact that you did not qualify what the dormancy entailed. In your introduction, you fail to acknowledge that OC will be actively building their stadium, now that a firm loan to do so has been secured. The Cruisers staff and management will by no means be hibernating or taking a long siesta. I am sure they will be building up a great swell of eager, hungry fans through group sales and season tickets, soon knowing the kind of seating they can offer. Maybe that’s already known.

    I hope the FL can go to 16 in 2012, and to do that they need to rope back into the fold Rockford (maybe). Why they snubbed the former FL member would make for a juicy story for you to dredge up. Ask that Bill Lee why they didn’t accept the Riverhawks back.

    And why not take in Lake County and/or Schaumberg? It’s a great help to put Oakland County on the shelf, and not have to worry about them playing in a college stadium, or 3/4ths of their games on the road, confusing other franchises’ schedules. We do know that the other two are also in somewhat unstable situations, and the FL has had their fill of that stuff in the past. But they should go ahead and lock them up for ’12, because their own situation will be poor this year, with Joliet already defecting from a midwestern pipe dream, as proposed by the suspect North American League. There is no strength there to make that happen, like it might in the leftover ULB.

    And what’s the delay with the AA schedule? I suspect they may also be thinking about 16 teams, which would make a lot of sense. Will Shreveport continue or fold because of the owner moving well into Amarillo? Or can they keep both, and add one more. Heck, they could pick up Lake County and Rockford, and be big enough to carry a travel team, or steal one from the ULB, like San Angelo.

    Whatever the case, it’s high time to finalize things and start selling tickets! Waiting for spring is asking for trouble all around. What is Wolff fishing for in the AA? He needs to cement the CanAm also, but with that smaller group, he can afford to work on something longer.

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