NYSL To Operate Pecos League’s Carlsbad Bats Travel Team

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It appears that the developmental New York State League (NYSL) will operate the player operations portion of the Carlsbad Bats, a travel team in the upstart Pecos League:

Here is hoping that the logistics of running a team nearly 2000 miles away from New York can work well for all parties involved, including the players.

Last season, the NYSL had an arrangement with the CBL for a similar situation except for two teams.  The arrangement did not work out prior to the season’s start.  Ideally everyone will benefit this time:  less financial risk for the NYSL, the caliber of players will make the travel team a viable opponent for the rest of the Pecos League teams, the NYSL can promote itself as funneling players into 2 pro teams (the Can-Am League’s Federals are the other), the Pecos League doesn’t have to operate its own travel team during a start-up year, and – ultimately – the fans get a good product which they will support.


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  1. Why no Pecos league header on the side with your other leagues? they are by far more stable then the north American league and you have them up.

    • Jon, the headers on the side to which you are referring are news feeds being pulled from OurSportsCentral.com; and, at this time, they are not covering the Pecos League nor its teams. These feeds are to keep fans coming to the site every day with scores, trades, and basic team day-to-day information. I have talked with the Pecos League’s commissioner, Andrew Dunn, and I will add any OurSportsCentral.com feed (or any other authoritative Pecos League feed) to this site once there is one which we both agree is stable and authoritative for the fans in order for them to come to this site every day as the “one stop shop” for independent baseball.

      Thanks for your willingness to comment!

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