More News On The Lake County Fielders Stadium Situation

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Sadly, even more news is coming out of Zion, Illinois regarding the situation with the Lake County Fielders and the city over the proposed new stadium.  A local article cited some less-than-savory dealings on the part of the city and a local developer:

Should any of the stated claims be true then this situation could get ugly.  Of course, the people last likely to benefit are the local fans and the players & staff who actually performed as well as they could under the circumstances.

Here is hoping that this situation gets resolved quickly and with minimal further public relations damage to the independent baseball industry as a whole.  Situations like these have the potential to dissuade stronger ownership & municipal organizations from encouraging independent baseball to grow in communities which could support it.  These types of scenarios foster, at best, a “wait and see” attitude among prospective team owners/investors and local governments, and it hinders the opportunity for good players to have a home to ply their crafts as well as fans and kids from having terrific memories together.

Feel free to add your thoughts on the situation and the best ways to give independent baseball a boost in the minds of the “nay-sayers” or others critical of the business model.


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