New Naming Coming For Amarillo Baseball Team

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The “Gold Sox” name chosen by the new independent baseball team to play in Amarillo will not be assumed due to a conflict with other teams having the name:

When a situation like this happens, I have a solution which is free (or very low cost) and – in theory – could provide multiple benefits for everyone:

The team can take advantage of this situation and actually do a proper “name the team” contest through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (yes people still use it heavily!), e-mail, and mobile applications.  They could choose 2 or 3 names with which they are comfortable using, and let the fans vote on it and give them vouchers for “off-night” tickets if they participate (such as Monday or Tuesday night games).  This way the fans would have some degree of ownership, the team has “announced” attendance figures already set before the first pitch, the team will get concession revenues from those who redeem their vouchers, and the team builds a viable mailing list/mobile marketing list/Facebook and Twitter friends list.

Also, for the nickname not chosen, the team even could send a voucher to those whose votes didn’t win for a “Fans Alternate Choice Night” where the team adopts the nickname of the losing vote for one night.  Everyone can win, there can be new revenues, and the fans feel as if a minor league sports team is actually listening to their voices.  This could build a sense of “our team” in the minds of the local fans as well as those nationally who participated in the voting.

Again, all of this is speculation, but it would be easy to do so that the team has a brand new asset (combination of various online lists of fans) and it could be done in a way to generate fun for everybody.  Hopefully the team doesn’t just pass off this duty to the local newspaper as the paper would keep the mailing list, if at all.  We will see how they handle this matter.


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