Can Am League To Play As A Division Of The American Association

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The Can-Am League announced yesterday that four of last year’s teams will form a new division in the American Association.  The league also announced that the Newark Bears will not operate for the 2014 season.

Several questions have to be answered such as:

  • Will the Can-Am League have its own “title” anymore, or is the only league title going to be the American Association one?
  • Will the 11th inning “speed up” rule be applicable now to AA teams, or just those in Can-Am League stadiums?
  • Are any salary/roster discrepancies for the Can-Am League teams going to go under the AA rules now?
  • Is Newark still, technically, part of the AA/Can-Am League with “dormant” status?  Or is the team officially out of both leagues?

Please ask your questions in the comments field.  They will be aggregated and the best ones sent to the league office for their answering.


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  1. Yes, this makes no sense at all…mixing apples and oranges to me.
    Wolff has finally lost his mind.

    Speaking of lost, what’s that Andrew Dunn doing now to the Pecos, and why haven’t you made note of it. Likely because he hasn’t either.

    Sereptiously he now has a 10 team league with the addition of the Brisbee Blue and the as yet unformally announced Douglas Diablose out of southeastern Arizona. The latter should do well in attendance based on the town size, and the former has a long standing strong following. But why it is such a secret to the indy world is a mystery to me.

    I see Dunn is trying to mess up the league schedule again, but I wonder if he isn’t premature anyway. WHAT happened to all the clamor about Pueblo CO finally joining the league in 2014! Why is that suddenly no where to be found when I heard it was a done deal, and no not a DUNN deal, although that may be involved also. This would make for a 12 team league which in spite of so much expansion would make for greater ease in scheduling…not of course if Dunn has anything to do with it.

    With Pueblo joining the northern division, all he would need to do and could afford to do is add a travel team…resurrect the Coastal Kingfish or Carlsbad Bats…even the Houston Apollos that Dunn himself manages in the spring league. Or how about his old Vaqueroes?

    Seems like there should be word of more about what’s going on!

    • I have talked with Andrew and some activities are still pending. As soon as I get confirmed information then I will post it, including any revisions to the Pecos League schedule. Posting anything which isn’t confirmed yet – such as some of the websites which the league has posted in anticipation of upcoming teams – won’t do much good as it will hurt your (and other fans’) expectations if something then goes away.

      Hopefully it will get straightened out soon. The good news regarding the Pecos League, in comparison to other independent leagues, is one of expansion rather than contraction. Hopefully Andrew locks down quality front office management for each team which can boost paying ticket sales by 10-20 people a night above last year’s figures. If so, 12 teams (expected) = 6 games a night. 6 Pecos League games a night (average) x 20 more paying fans = a nightly increase in the league of 120 paying attendees. 120 x 70 games = 8400 more paid tickets per season. At $5 per ticket, this equals roughly $42,000 more paid revenues into the league. That would equate to better amenities for players, better marketing, etc. This is probably considered “chump change” by other independent leagues which draw 5000 a night at $8 per ticket ($40,000 a night); but it makes a significant difference in a league like the Pecos.

      From there, if Andrew can add additional revenue streams which have nothing to do with tickets – such as an increase in his per-click ads on his team/league websites – then it becomes a profitable venture and begins to become enticing to future ownership groups. Adding unique things to sell such as the Invaders baseball with lime green seams, his bat clearance advertisers, and other mechanisms to make his online assets marketable to outside advertisers will then start to boost awareness and draw in brand new revenues which MiLB and other independent leagues are not yet generating.

      This would give him the ability to “scale” operations and grow the Pecos League both in terms of quality of play (presumably leading to better attendance) as well as non-traditional profit centers. Time will tell if he can do so.

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