Lake Erie Crushers Marketing Efforts Article

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The Lake Erie Crushers, in recent weeks, have made national headlines by piggy-backing on the LeBron James free agent story.  They offered him a contract and then they had a promotion to keep LeBron in Cleveland.

What is interesting is how the team management thinks about promotions and what is considered successful.  Here is the article:

The mention of the “viral marketing” nature of the promotion is powerful, as it shows that independent baseball teams can get national attention.  It also discusses their phone call meetings and how promotions can be constructed quickly.

The only question is how an independent baseball team and front office, which has proven that it can get national attention by promotions around a hot topic, can translate that into something which receives the same (or even more) attention AND is focused on the on-field talent.  The goal would be for a large, national audience to care about the specific team (or league) because something of interest is worth their time to pay attention and follow.

If you have ideas on how the same type of publicity could be directed to the on-field action then you are welcome to leave your comments on this post.


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