Lake Erie Crushers Earn Guinness World Record

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The Lake Erie Crushers (Frontier League) posted a picture on the team’s official Twitter page recently.  It shows the award from Guinness World Records for having the most number of people who flossed their teeth simultaneously on the same piece of dental floss.  Evidently, a rather long string of dental floss was created, and 1527 people used it on July 12 at All Pro Freight Stadium in Avon, OH.

Here is the link to the team’s award photo:


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  1. The Frontier 2014 schedule is out…and it also is an imbalanced loser. Stuck on the tradition of 3 game series, they end up playing some teams more at home and others more away. And they may not even be from the same division. so far I have seen only two perfect schedules where the team plays every one else in their division nine times. But that is not the norm because of the oddness that a 14 team lineup with a travel team gives you.

    Solution? Adopt the Japan method where a team from one division ONLY plays each team in the other division twice at home and twice away. Then they play every team in their OWN division six at home and six away. This would total a SENSIBLE 100 game schedule, enhancing the rivalries within each division.

    Adding two more franchises of course would make too much sense. There the schedule could be at 96 games where each interdivision set up could adopt the four game series model, playing 4 and 4 each. Then playing the teams in the OTHER division the traditional 3 and 3 would give 48 games to each division. It’s beyond me why the FL does not expand in the baseball hotbed of the mideast. A couple more weak franchises would not hurt the image of this one.

  2. I also want to go on record as to opposing the silly copy of the MLB tradition of ALWAYS playing the opening game of the year in Cincy. Florence is a weak cousin of Cincy and across the border. so WHY should an INDEPENDENT league adopt an MLB tradition.

    Like most leagues DO, the Frontier should open the season with a game hosted by the defending champions, where the championship rings are handed out first, and then all teams get down to business in the new season. The NBA did it correctly last night, starting in Miami. Take a hint!

    While I am at it, how can the Frontier go a whole YEAR without coming up with a franchise to replace the travel team? Stuck in the mud, FL??

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