More On The Lake County Fielders Situation

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The Lake County Fielders (North American League) have taken a public relations hit in recent days based on the internal revolt which saw a complete overhaul of their roster and field management staff.  Here are two articles which shed more light on the situation:

Tim Johnson resigned from the team, Pete LaCock the hitting coach – who took over in the interim for Johnson – also left, and most of the players are gone.  The article does not mince words over his/their disdain for the situation, and the quote from the Fielders’ front office (if accurate) is not indicative of a healthy reply.

The team had to endure a road trip for longer than a month, so they obviously expected to be paid.  The second article cites the ownership is the same one which owed over $900,000 to the village of Schaumberg (Illinois) and caused the folding of the Schaumberg Flyers, which last played in the 2010 Northern League.

The first article does mention Jose Canseco’s willingness to adjust his lineup to accommodate the unique situation.  Feel free to leave your comments and links to confirmed articles which add follow-up value to the story.


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