More Independent Baseball Team Stadium News

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Last offseason (Fall 2010 to Spring 2011), the news was filled with leagues folding, realigning, and teams starting up and others going “dark.”  This offseason (Fall 2011 to Spring 2012) has been filled with lots of stadium-related news; and this news impacts you, the fan, in several ways:

  • Whether or not you will have the option to see any form of professional baseball in your area (independent or Minor League)
  • The overall experience you have at a stadium in terms of amenities, parking quality, lighting quality, food selection, etc.
  • Your local tax rate whenever public financing for the stadium is included
  • Whether or not a particular local politician stays in office often gets tied to the success or failure of a stadium’s financing because stadiums often serve as a “lightning rod” issue for the person’s evaluation
  • Which teams will be playing in a certain location
  • How the team’s ownership and front office staff interact with the community often is dictated by the stadium’s success.  For example, an underperforming stadium often brings with it a staff which fails to meet payment obligations to vendors and local merchants.  The history of independent baseball since 1993 shows this over and over again

This is why stadium-related news, and other baseball business news, gets so much publicity on this site.  While not as exciting as player trades, scores, and other information this news often gets to the core of a team’s (or even league’s) success which, in turn, impacts your experience as a fan.

There are three more pieces of recent news regarding the stadiums of independent professional baseball teams:


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